Friday, March 22, 2013

Takedown demonstration of Urban Twist on 4b 4c hair

Check out my video showing a demonstration of how I take down my urban twist and camouflage my hair during the process. Enjoy!

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Top Knot Bun and Monochromtic flare

Happy Friday!

The urban twist take down was a success.

Here is my hair in a cute top knot bun with some bang swag.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Urban Twist by the Damn Salon - The take down!

Hi Everyone!

I have been in the process of taking down my urban twist. I have been taking my time and using extra caution to make sure I do not lose hair unnecessarily.

I started off using kinky curly knot today to saturate the strand and it did a pretty good job of softening my hair and the extension hair so that it will pull apart. At the root, where there is a small amount of build up, I would use the Damn Salon Oil blend to saturate the root to loosen up the lint and that was effective.

I felt like I was wasting my knot today and decided to use the Jane Carter Leave-in Revitalizing Spray since I wasn't really a fan of it (It didn't do anything bad, but I didn't feel anything magical happen with my hair). I started to spray it on the a section of the urban twist and it really did a way better job of helping me separate my hair that was locked in with the urban twist! I mean way better than the Kinky Curly Knot Today! I was impressed. I still use the Damn Salon oil blend at the roots and this has made the take down process a little faster.

So far, I have had no breakage and it appears that my hair did retain some excellent length in urban twists! If you read my last post, I was really concerned about how protective this style is since my hair is not braided into the extension hair.

The picture is showing how I am masking the take down process. I started the take down in the middle/crown of my head and using the perimeter to camouflage my chunky twists ;0)

More to come ....