Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Natural and rockin' Lace fronts

I was in Atlanta last week celebrating my little sister graduating. I decided to take a dive into some of the natural vendors. I ran into a place called Sage Naturalceuticals (http://www.sagenaturalceuticals.com/Welcome.html). The store was small but boasted calmness and serenity. It was the perfect size and wasn't overwhelming. The owner was the sweetest and very knowledgeable about the natural products and the raves on youtube. She carries Afroveda, Bee Mine, and Darcy Botanicals (just to name a few).

Now on to the real story . . .

The owner told me to try some of the products to see what my hair would like. She thought my silky 3a/3b wavy wig was my hair!! I was ecstatic because that means my lace front is working and actually looks real. I told her immediately that I'm a natural 4b/4c and this is a wig. Her eyes were soo big in amazement!!! It was almost like she thought I was lying. I told her I would pull out a section from under the wig to test and she was more shock how long my hair was.

The moral of the story  . . .
Just because someone is wearing a weave, wig, or braids does not mean they are bald! :)

I'm not affiliated or getting paid by Sage Naturalceuticals. You guys in the Atlanta area should check out her store! You can test products before you buy! She looks for input from her customers to find out what she should carry in her store. She's also working on carrying Qhemet Biologics.